Storytelling At It’s Finest

M.J. Sutton

I have always had an obsession with the odd, creepy and dark side. So its no surprise that horror and fantasy spoke to me early. I picked up the pen in grade school and haven’t been able to put it down yet.

Currently I am working on my largest project to date. Project Hemlock, is a novel in stories-4 book series that shows the apocalypse in a light of which the world has never seen. Each character from each book has their own mini flash story that can be found on the Project Hemlock Page. Dive into the characters, learn about them, love them or hate them. Tell me what you think and what obstacles you think they should face in this new world of which none of us have a clue about surviving in.

Project Hemlock

Photo Composite: Gas Mask in the aftermath of war

Hostility among nations has brought the thought of peace to a screeching halt. Nuclear weapons have decimated the west coast, sickness from tainted food and water is weakening the population, and technology meant to harness energy from America’s flora has been morphed into a weapon powerful enough to end life itself. Once the dust settles, three rogue communities must work together to prevail over powers greater than their own and, in the process, rescue a girl that holds a common bond to each.

Scientists were ecstatic once the method was perfected. Plant-based energy would change the world, but only for the worse. Once war became imminent, the destructive nature of this technology was realized. Threats were made to unleash it upon the enemy—a move that would cease the production of oxygen in every plant infected, detonating the ultimate bio-weapon. The United States’ infrastructure had been compromised long ago, letting the wrong people get into the right places. Cities became poisoned mud-holes, leaving the common man weak, inferior, and on the way to an early grave. When the Russian president’s daughter comes up missing and photos leak of her in the arms of their enemy, the stalemate comes to an end. War comes, tearing America’s citizens from their lives and throwing them into chaos.

Plight Of Adam


For as long as history has been recorded mankind has always been stuck with a question that has yet to be answered.

What happens when we die?

Religion has steered our opinion into a general direction, but what if the truth turned what we thought we knew inside out?

Plight of Adam is a horror/fantasy novella that takes a surprisingly new look at Heaven, Hell and those caught in between.

Quite the controversial story, you have been warned.

Published Works

“God” Blood Moon Rising Magazine

“Cursed Mirror” Blood Moon Rising Magazine

“Black Dress Society” Hellbound Books

“Black Dress Society 2” Hellbound Books

“Careful What You Wish For” Hellbound Books

“Old World” Ashtales

“Into The Darkness” Augora Wolf

“Uncommon Hashtag” Esthetic Apostle

“Corpse By Candle” Coffin Bell Journal

“Eyes Of Marble” Curating Alexandria 

“No Victory” Esthetic Apostle

Love To Hear From You

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