September 7, 2018 mjsutton

“Well, somebody took it,” Cali said, holding her hands over her face. “I had them all portioned out—every scrip I had to fill, and now two of them are gone.”

“You sure you counted out all thirteen?” I asked.

She glared in my direction. I threw my hands up. “’Was just asking. That’s more than normal.”

“Chief is going to blame me again. I know it.”

I felt sorry for her, hard not to. Cali truly possessed the best intentions in everything she did.

Well, almost everything.

Being a pharmaceutical assistant still in college couldn’t have been easy on her. Medical marijuana had come up missing, the third incident in a month. The Chief wrote off the first, but the second one came down on Cali. More than likely the third would, too.

“I’ll sniff around,” I said, “see what I can find out. Maybe the Chief will let this one go, too.”

“I already have two write ups, Kathy. I’m gone for sure.”

I gripped her shoulder softly. “Hey… Don’t think like that, it’s going to be all right. I’ll talk to the Chief, okay?”

She looked up from her hands, black mascara running from her eyes. She forced the corners of her lips to reach toward her ears. “Thank you.”

“Don’t sweat it.” I patted her back and made my way to the door.


I turned my head.

“I’m… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the affair. They made me swear not to say anything.”

I nodded my head. “I don’t hold anything against you, Cali. I’ll talk to you soon.”

The door clicked behind me and I made my way to the chief’s office, knocking twice. When he called for me to open it, I shuffled in, coming closer to his desk.

“So…” he drawled, taking his glasses off, “find out anything?”

“She’s been selling it, Chief. I feel bad for telling you, but it has to stop.”

The chief was a large man, and his chair creaked with agony when he leaned back, crossing his arms across his belly. “All right.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Thanks, Kathy.”

“Yes, sir.” I walked out of his office and headed to my car, I had been off the clock for two hours already. My grey Honda sat waiting for me in its usual spot in the back corner, away from the cameras. I pulled the door shut behind me, reached in my bra, and pulled out what I had been waiting for all day. I lit the end, taking a long drag in and coughing at the potent smoke.

“Damn…” I sighed, staring at the lit joint. “Nothing like the good stuff.”